Friday, April 05, 2013

Beach Combing

Earlier this week, Louise and I headed up island to the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve for a couple of days of R'n'R. We stayed at the same place we stayed last year, the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort. Our only complaint from our stay last year was that we didn't have a real good view from our room. This year, we had no such concerns.
Later on in the evening, we would dine in the resort's restaurant while three gray whales jumped and played at the entrance to the cove. After dinner, an eagle squatted in a tree watching the sunset.
IMG_8126 copy

But before dinner, Louise needed to procure her dessert, so a drive north to Tofino and the Tacofino food truck was required so that she could stock up on Chocolate Diablo cookies.
On the way back, we stopped at the main beach.
It was a cloudy and misty day, but being in such a beautiful place still brought a smile to Louise's face.
We watched a couple of would-be surfers taking a lesson. I don't know how much they were learning, but they were having a lot of fun.
IMG_8097 copy

The next morning, Louise decided that her toes weren't purple enough, and she made herself an appointment at the resort's spa. She was pleased with the results.

We bought an early lunch at Ukee Dogs.
Louise had a Japanese Dog, with shredded nori and teriyaki caramelized onions.
I had a Mac and Cheese dog. That's fairly self-explanatory, and covers many of the basic food groups. Cheese is a food group unto itself, right?

After lunch, we drove back to the park and checked out Wickaninnish Beach.
It's hard to believe, but back in the day you could camp on the beach and even drive your car along the sand. My father and I camped this way a few times in the early 1970s. The best part was that every now and then someone would park too close to the incoming tide and come back to find that their car had sunk in the wet sand. Those cars are probably still there if you dig deep enough. My father took this picture of beach camping in 1974.
1974 Long Beach
Here, we did see some surfers riding the waves. It was a gorgeously sunny day, and we were told that the waves are small on sunny days. But about a dozen people were out riding at this spot.
IMG_8200 copy2
We spent a couple of hours wandering the sand, Louise collecting stones, and me collecting pictures.

Our next stop was Radar Hill, the site of a planned WWII radar installation. The view is stupendous.
A hummingbird flitted about the lookout point. He had one favourite branch he kept returning to, much to our delight.
IMG_8247 copy
While I was busy with the hummingbird, a steller's jay snuck up behind me.
IMG_8266 copy

We continued north until Tofino, where we walked around the town for a bit, enjoying the First Nations artwork...
IMG_8277 copy copy
...and the shoes on the power lines.
IMG_8276 copy
Hunger called and we had dinner at the Wildside Grill.
Like they say on the tv show, you gotta eat here.

Souls are recharged, time to return to the - ahem - real world.

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