Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Collaborating with Commander Hadfield

Hot off the interwebs is the latest photo posted by Chris Hadfield, commander of the International Space Station. He was passing overhead and took this lovely photo of my home waters around Saanich Peninsula.
Thank you, Hadfield, for making your space photographs available!
It's not hard to make out the city of Victoria, or at least the downtown core around the Inner Harbour, Upper Harbour and the Gorge. My home on Cadboro Bay is obscured by the shadow of a cloudbank across Ten Mile Point, but you can see Cattle Point, Oak Bay, McNeil Bay, Foul Bay, Clover Point and the Ogden Point Breakwater, which I saw this morning from a little bus along with a small group from my Dad's nursing home. We could see across the water to Esquimalt -- just as you can see from above in Hadfield's photo -- and the shore from the Lagoon to Albert Head and Witty's Lagoon. Also clearly showing in the photo are James Island and even Brentwood Bay on Saanich Inlet. We've posted lots of trip reports here at Kayak Yak -- check 'em out with the Search function at the top of this page.

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