Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ocean River Gear Up Sale

If it's March in Victoria, it must be time for another Ocean River Gear Up sale. Twice yearly, Ocean River takes over the parking lot across the street from the store for a big sale. Usually, the weather cooperates, but not today, a miserable and blustery day.
I'm not sure how much Louise's umbrella helped.

We bumped into Mark and Robyn, and Mark clearly had the look of someone who was adding another boat to his fleet.
IMGP0667 copy

We all checked out the new Delta 15s and chatted with the Delta rep.
The 15s has a bunch of new features, including a new seat and hatch covers, and we were pleased to learn that these updated designs were going to be carried over into the other boats in their fleet as their kayak line gets refreshed over the next couple of years.

The showers continued to pour down and the wind came up, and most people took cover under the merchandise tents, leaving the kayaks alone in the rain.
IMGP0671 copy
We were ready to pack it in when a familiar voice called out, our buddy Mark Hall, now with Kayak Distribution, who deal in Boréal Design, Tahe Marine, Zegul and Riot kayaks.
IMGP0672 copy
He invited us to take shelter in his trailer, where we spent a while catching up and avoiding the storm outside.
We managed to escape without the sale without spending a cent, although we did walk away with Boréal Design hats and t-shirts. Thanks, Mark!

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  1. Nice to see you both today. Considering we had nothing to buy we left $200 lighter! Not bad for us :-)