Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Googling Kayak Trip

Sorry not to be posting on the blog as frequently this month. My excuses are that between getting my master's essay to my supervisor and visiting Dad at the nursing home, any spare time gets spent on the water rather than at the blog. But I'm jonesing for writing about kayaking, and for seeing more of John's latest photos.
Got a fun note from our friend Ken Ames, who is more of a car collector than a kayak collector, but still came up with this kayaking reference. (Hey, anyone who owns more cars than I have kayaks is one humdinger of a collector... just sayin'.)
Ken was trying to figure out how far apart San Francisco and Hawai'i really are, when he put the question out on a couple of common websites. The result? Ken reports that:
"Streets-andTrips will give the as-the-crow-flies/great-circle-distance between one point and another.
"maps.google tries to go by road instead so in trying to figure the distance from San Francisco to Honolulu it sent me by road to Seattle and then gave instruction 22 in the attached photo."

A fascinating instruction from Google Maps. At least it does include the note that the kayaking leg of the trip would be 2,756 miles. Well spotted, Ken!

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