Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Loving that SPOT

Just another reminder how much I love having a SPOT clipped to my life jacket. Every time I go out in my kayak, I can call for help if needed, or call friends for a ride cuz I had some problems, or do what I do so far: tell my friends that I'm OK out on the water or hiking right here! Sure, most of the places I go are the same few places, but it's still nice to have. It was even better to have when I paddled down the Red Deer River -- go to this link and scroll down to see the maps I made with the SPOT OK messages. And my dad doesn't worry about me being on the water the way he worried before I got the SPOT. Dad's got enough to do since his stroke; he doesn't need to worry about me.

This image shows the new model of SPOT device, with the cover for the SOS button moved aside.
Today I read another news article about people being saved because of using SPOT alerts. This time, the article was from NunatsiaqOnline, quoting a message delivered March 11 in the Nunavut legislature by Lorne Kusugak, minister of Community and Government Affairs. During 2012, 53 people were found by Search and Rescue in Nunavut because they had called for help with a SPOT. Check it out here.

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