Sunday, March 17, 2013

Joseph McLean in Howe Sound

One of the real treasures about living here on the West Coast is going out in small boats with a variety of friends. One day, Bernie and I took a very small ferry from Gibsons Landing to a nearby island, hiked around with Joseph and Katie, and stood on the shore to watch slack-jawed as All The Coots In The World surfaced in the bay in one massive flotilla. 
Today, our friend Joseph posted his photo from March 13 2011 and a thoughtful comment to caption it:

Coastal cross-section, along the edge of Howe Sound. How many of these bays and coves fill our shores, with their rocks and bluffs and weathered trees? How many have I floated past, by ferry, canoe, kayak, or sail? And how precious few have I actually landed at, scrambled quickly ashore in that strange transition from water to land, to experience and explore on my own? Just a fraction of a percent in all this wild coast, this great mystery of a landscape. May it always be like this, charted and borrowed but never fully solved, raw and pure and free.

You can read more about and by Joseph and see some of his photographs at his website.

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