Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fire at Sterling Kayaks

Fire destroyed the Sterling Kayaks manufacturing building in Bellingham, Washington earlier today. According to news reports, "Business owner Sterling Donalson said he was inside the building when the fire began. He said he smelled something odd and saw smoke coming from an electrical socket. As soon as he realized there were flames, he got out as quickly as he could, yelling “Fire!” in case anyone else was inside."
While a few kayaks were saved, the building and all the equipment inside, including kayak molds, were destroyed. Thankfully, they were no injuries.
Needless to say, the future of Sterling Kayaks is uncertain over the short term, but they plan to rebuild and stay in business. The Kayak Yak gang met Sterling at this year's MEC Paddlefest Victoria where we took some Sterling kayaks out for a spin. His custom-made boats are a thing of beauty and our thoughts are with him and his employees.


  1. Very sad to know about fire at sterling kayaks manufacturing building in Bellingham, Washington.

  2. Yeah buddy. its really sad to know that