Sunday, December 02, 2012

High, HIGH Tide

Today when I launched my kayak at Cadboro Bay, there was not much beach. It was high tide, and a winter high tide (which stacks the sand up pretty steep). Plus, there was a storm surge which pushed the high tide about half a metre higher than the predicted level. The ocean sure looked full. In the park, there are ponds of standing water that have nowhere to drain.
There's a graph at the DFO website that shows how the storm surge has been affecting the local water level lately. (Thanks to Mike Jackson for the link!)
Strong onshore winds the last several days have driven many more logs into the bay and onto the beach. It was an ankle-breaking wrestle to get through the broken bits of driftwood and logs and water. And once I was afloat, there were many floating pieces of wood to avoid. There wasn't any wind, so the waves were small. It was an odd experience -- I wouldn't try paddling with all this driftwood if there was any surf to speak of.
Over by the Yacht Club the shoreline looked so different. Rocks that normally are exposed at high tide were underwater. The breakwater was only one row of boulders above the waterline, and it was decorated with bits of driftwood. One big log balanced on top of a few boulders.
I've never seen high water like this. On December 12, there's supposed to be a zero tide at 6:00 am. It'll be neat to see the difference along the shoreline!

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