Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Another Reminder About Fuel Spills

The Saanich News had a big cover story this week. Heck, every paper in the local chain carried the story! Remember that fuel spill back in February that contaminated Colquitz Creek? It happened when a fuel delivery was made to the wrong address, and the wrong home's unused tank was filled with home heating oil.
So now I'm going to repeat what I said in an earlier post. If your home is heated by a furnace that uses a tank of fuel, go check the tank right now. Check if there are any visible signs of leakage. Go now. I'll wait.
I know you can't see the line that runs from the tank to the furnace, because usually that line is underground or otherwise hidden from view. But the next time the furnace is serviced, you can ask your fuel company how to check that there are no leaks from the line.
There have been other spills in Colquitz Creek, and we've written about them on the blog. There are other spills here on Vancouver Island, of home heating fuel and gasoline and camping stove fuels on boats or on shore... too many fuel spills.
Every paddler interacts with the water in a personal way. We can understand the effects of fuel spills on waterways, effects that some people don't easily understand. Put that understanding to use, paddlers! Even if Colquitz Creek isn't your home waters, it's home waters for the salmon trying to spawn there right now.

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