Sunday, November 18, 2012

Paddling with the big kids

Took a moment on the water today, and it was worth it. As I launched my little inflatable, the rising breeze was pushing in waves that made for an exciting launch. Just offshore were two young people with stand-up paddleboards. It looked like this was a good day to be on the water in either a playboat (and my boat is much like one) or an SUP. The waves were steady, and growing stronger, and rose from about eight inches in height to a foot and a half in the half hour I was out bobbing and reeling in them.
Kayak surfing is like playing with big kids instead of keeping to the little kids' end of the playground. I remember taking my sister-in-law out for her first time in a kayak, and telling her that on a calm day it was like riding a bike with your father holding the bike steady. This was more like riding your bike with the big kids... not doing bad stuff, just a little faster, a little harder, a little more challenge than you're used to.
And then back to shore, spotted with spray, as the wind grew higher and there were whitecaps all over the bay.
Later Bernie and I walked the dog to the shore and saw a flock of seagulls surfing on the strong wind blowing onshore. We could hear the theme for "Wipeout" as we watched them bob and reel.

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