Friday, June 01, 2012


In April , an Aussie kayaker was attacked by a shark, but the shark was more interested in the kayak than the kayaker. Michael Demasi's kayak was bitten by a six-metre great white, but Demasi, thinking only that he'd run up onto some rocks, bailed out in the water. "I didn't know it was a shark so I was relaxed enough to grab my sunnies as I bailed out," he said. "It wasn't until I came up from the water when I saw a big thing gnawing the kayak. It had brought its head out of the water to grab the kayak."
Luckily, the shark only had eyes, and teeth, for his kayak, and another kayaker was able to pull him away.
(story and photo here)

Here's a "Holy $#$%!" moment for you: Tao Berman kayaking down 40-foot waves in a surf kayak. Wow. Check out the video:

Kayaks From Spaaaaaaace!

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Or maybe Erie, Pennsylvania.

Finally, my neighbour installed a new pool in his back yard so that he can practice his kayak rolling.
I don't think I'll be joining him.

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