Monday, May 28, 2012

Age-friendly BC Program Survey

Well, today I filled out a survey for the Capital Regional District. The CRD just got some funding from a program from the province of BC. They want to be sure that regional parks are serving the needs of older citizens.
Are our regional parks age-friendly? I'm not sure... and I'm not sure that as a 51-year-old kayaker whether I'm the responder expected by the survey writer. But then thinking again, I must remember that this is Victoria, where the average age of members of either kayaking association is about 67 years old. And if you've seen the pelotons of bicycle riders zooming around town, an amazing number of those hardbodies are senior citizens. The second time I was offered the senior's discount at a local store, I was wearing a wet suit.
So maybe my opinion is worth surveying. And maybe yours is as well. You don't have to be retired to have concerns about whether your regional parks are age-friendly -- maybe you bring someone to the parks who has concerns.  My big issue is getting my kayak to the water's edge in parks!
So here's the information I received from Karen Preston at the Capital Regional District, with a link that took me to the website for the survey:

CRD Regional Parks was one of fifty-two communities who received an Age-friendly BC grant to support older residents in staying healthy and active in the community!
The Age-friendly BC program focuses on providing communities with support, information and recognition to help meet the needs of an aging population. Local governments can achieve age-friendly recognition and officially become an Age-friendly BC community once they have completed four basic steps that focus on community engagement, commitment, assessment and action.
Regional Parks protects and manages more than 13,000 hectares of spectacular natural areas in 33 regional parks and trails on southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. With support of this $20,000 grant, Regional Parks would like to increase visitor accessibility by implementing a trail assessment and information system that focuses on the specific recreation needs of seniors. This system will provide senior visitors with information that will enable them to determine which parks to visit based on their own abilities and limitations.

Tell us what Age Friendly means to you!
 Fill out the on line survey:
 Thank you,
 Karen Preston, CAVR
Coordinator of Partnership Development
Capital Regional District - Regional Parks
490 Atkins Avenue  Victoria BC  V9B 2Z8
T: 250.360.3330

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