Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Camera I - A Mother of a Day

It was a gorgeous weekend out there, perfect for kayaking, so naturally we didn't. Being Mother's Day today, we went on what Louise and I lovingly call "The Old Dames Tour," visiting my mother at her care home in Broadmead, and Louise's mom at her home in Sidney. We are glad to report to report that they are both well and happy, and both will probably outlive us all.

But we also took the time to do a little outdoorsy stuff, and we found ourselves at Fisherman's Wharf for lunch.
I lunched at Barb's Fish and Chips, while Louise went Mexican at Puerto Vallarta Amigos, but we weren't the only ones eating today. The local harbour seals put in an appearance...
...and were rewarded for their effort.

Someone's got a great parking place for their kayak.

Before for we left, we checked out the menu for Grilligans...
...because one day we plan to check out its unusual feature, namely the paddle up order window.

Finally, we decided to follow this guy's lead and soak up some sun.

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