Friday, June 22, 2012

Stolen Kayaks in Winnipeg area

Annoying news to share from two kayakers in Winnipeg. Darwin and Ben strapped two Current Designs Caribou sea kayaks onto their car roof Wednesday night. Thursday morning they got up at 6:00 am to drive from Winnipeg MB to Whitehorse YK to take part in the Yukon River Quest. But lo and behold, their kayaks had been stolen.
Now, that's mean. These kayaks were not borrowed while sitting on a beach somewhere tied to a tree with a sign on it saying "please don't f*ck with my boat" like four boats are on a beach I know here in Victoria. These kayaks were stolen.
As a blogger commented at "Two 17-foot sea kayaks are not easy things to hide, and the Winnipeg paddle community is a small one. Wilderness Supply has offered Darwin and Ben replacement kayaks to borrow for the duration of the race, but we are hopeful those responsible for the theft can be caught and their original boats recovered. Please watch for anyone attempting to sell a yellow or white Current Designs Caribou sea kayak. A reward is being offered, and any leads or information can be directed to the Winnipeg police non-emergency number, 204-986-6222."

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