Sunday, June 17, 2012

Victoria Harbour Celebration

We put the kibosh on our kayaking plans before we even got out of bed this morning as a wind storm blew in over night. And then the rain started.
The kayaking bug has not hit us hard this year at all so far. We've only been out a few times. One reason is certainly the weather -- this is the coolest June in these parts in half a century. There's another reason as well, one we'll talk further about here in a couple of weeks. Foreshadowing -- the sign of a quality blog.
But we did have some paddling related plans, and Louise and I made our way down town to Celebrate Victoria's Harbour.

Have to say there wasn't much going on while we were there, but the weather wasn't cooperating and we couldn't stay very long. We did go for a ride on a Harbour Ferry between the two venue sites...
...some people did venture out on the water.

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