Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Check this out...some surfers hit the waves at Bondi Beach decked out in TRON-styled wetsuits and surfboards.
But on the other hand, do sharks really need the extra help the lights will give them?

Of course, you don't to be surfing to see strange things on the water. Have you ever been kayaking out in the middle of nowhere when a dog has swam up to you? Check out this video:

Sadly, the story does not have a happy ending for the dog's owner.

This is Sean Morley playing in the big surf. He knows how to paddle fast; he recently held the record for fastest circumnavigation around Vancouver Island. Here, he gives tips on developing your forward stroke.

It turns out that everyone is working for the weekend -- even tornadoes. They and hailstorms occur at a rate of 20% below average on weekends, and 20% above average on work days. According to a recent study (as paraphrased by National Geographic), "This connection hints that pollution might help breed storms, the study authors say. That's because moisture gathers around specks of pollutants, which leads to more cloud droplets. Computer models suggest these droplets get lofted up to higher, colder air, leading to more plentiful and larger hail."
So there you go -- one less thing to worry about when out on your weekend paddle...

...although you may want to watch out for strange metal balls falling out of the sky.

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