Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The big (oceanic) picture

Before the University library closed for Christmas, I raided it for all the books on all the subjects my whim dictated. Two weeks (in winter) seemed like a very long time to not be able to get at the books. Among them was a glossy hardcover titled "Marine Ecosystems of the North Pacific", published by the North Pacific Marine Science Organization, aka Pices. Then I got sidetracked into reading about outbreak investigation (need some excitement when the water's solid), and it was only lately that I picked up the book, saw it covered the early part of last decade, and got to wondering if there were an update. Indeed there is, "Marine Ecosystems of the North Pacific, 2003-2008", and it's online in PDF form at the Pices Website.


  1. You're right, Alison -- two weeks IS a very long time to not be able to get at books.
    And all the books on various subjects actually do help me with the reading I'm supposed to do for class, so that's good. Yay whim! My whim can dictate a lot. But looking through three books on knitting patterns over the weekend helped me understand the course I'm taking on website design... Dreamweaver has some non-intuitive functions. foo.
    Now I'm off to get the pdf of Marine Ecosystems of the North Pacific, 2003-2008, thanks to you. That'll be helpful for the other class. Yay whim again!