Wednesday, January 04, 2012

North Sea Crossing & Yarns from the Cockpit

The latest DVD from the University of Sea Kayaking is a 2-disc set with the unwieldy title of North Sea Crossing & Yarns From The Cockpit. It features Derek Hutchinson, Godfather of modern sea kayaking and born raconteur, describing in humorous detail his attempts to be the first person to kayak across the North Sea. Clearly it’s his go-to party piece as the version presented on the DVD is almost word-for-word the version he presented here in town at a recent SISKA meeting, but he presents his occasionally harrowing tale with amusing and charming style. The remainder of the first disc contains an interview with Derek explaining some of the finer technical points of his North Sea journeys.
The second disc contains an assortment of more interviews with Derek, and more of his tall tales of kayak expeditions. (There’s even a few humorous outtakes from a previous DVD.)
If you want to see a terrific kayaking storyteller at his finest, check it out.

And while we're on the topic, we understand that Derek is facing a health issue at the moment. We at Kayak Yak send Derek our best wishes for a speedy recovery.


  1. It was great seeing him do this in person here in Victoria last fall! What a character!

  2. He's a fascinating man. So interesting to think how much one person's experience with kayaks has influenced the design of the boats and that combination of "noodling around the shoreline" with gung-ho trips like "Hey, I bet we could cross the North Sea!" It's really clear that everything I accomplish in a kayak is because I'm a dwarf standing on the shoulders of giants.