Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ride the Wild Wind

It probably serves me right for my cheeky comments concerning the small amount of snow that fell in Victoria last Sunday morning. A small amount of snow fell on Monday and Tuesday, but on Wednesday nature took her revenge by sending Victoria a full-fledged dump, along with cold Arctic air that froze us solid for a couple of days.
Here's the standard postcard shot of the harbour (winter version).
2012 01 18_0143_edited-1
And yes, that's a skim on ice on the harbour's surface. We don't see that very often.

If I took this shot of Government Street in July, there might be a few hundred people in it, but Wednesday there was only a half-dozen or so pedestrians and one car.
2012 01 18_0140_edited-1

The deep freeze continued until a warm front finally broke through early Saturday morning, but the rising temperatures also brought rising winds, culminating in a rip-roaring wind storm that started early this morning and continues this evening.
2012 01 22_0209_edited-1
Winds were clocked at over 50 kmh, with gusts recorded at over 110 kmh in places.

The MV Coho was caught in the blast on its daily trip from Port Angeles.
2012 01 22_0180_edited-1

Needless to say, we did not go kayaking today...
2012 01 22_0236_edited-1
...but we still got wet.
2012 01 22_0192_edited-1

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