Friday, February 17, 2012

Victoria Paddle Festival

A reader named sonya stumbled upon my recent post noting that there will be no Vancouver Island Paddlefest this year. But she found a video suggesting that their will be a paddling event on the afternoon of March 10 along the Songhees waterfront on Victoria's harbour.
After a little Internet sleuthing, I found a website announcing the Victoria Paddle Festival. This event looks to be slipping in under the radar as I've not heard of it until now. From the website:
"The Victoria Paddle Festival is a celebration of adventure, science and education. This event aims to raise funds for OAR Northwest, a Canadian/American expedition ocean rowing team voyaging around Vancouver Island in April...Festival goers can test their skills on indoor rowing machines and try on the latest in nautical gear presented by Victoria’s local merchants. You can even view and climb OAR Northwest’s expedition craft, the world’s most technologically advanced ocean rowboat. Families will enjoy the chance to enter the silly model boat contest or sing along with sea shanties performed by local musicians. Finally, meet contemporary ocean rowers Jordan Hanssen, who rowed across the North-Atlantic Ocean in 2006, securing a Guinness World Record for his accomplishment. Speak with Adam Kreek and other Olympic medalists, as they share their passion for getting outside and experiencing the waterways."
The OAR Northwest team will be rowing around in Vancouver Island in April, and then from Africa to America starting in May of this year. You can follow thier progress on their website.

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  1. Hi John
    Thanks for sharing our event on your page. We changed the video but you can see the new one here or here please feel free to re-post it.
    I would also like to invite you to come down to the event and set up a free display to get some exposure for your blog. You can contact me at