Thursday, February 02, 2012

Eric Soares Passes Away

Eric Soares, a co-founder of the Tsunami Rangers, has died after suffering an aneurysm following a ski accident. A Facebook post by Sea Kayaker magazine notes that "Eric was well known around the world for the extreme coastal kayaking he did with the Tsunami Rangers and for his many contributions to the kayaking community. He wrote several articles for Sea Kayaker on surf, safety and teamwork. In his most recent article for us, “A Change of Heart” (SK August 2008), Eric wrote of surviving an aortic dissection and the changes that brought to his life. While his physical heart was flawed, his true heart was not. Eric had extraordinary and infectious energy."
Although I don't go for rough water kayaking myself, I read and enjoyed his latest book Confessions of a Wave Warrior, and he was kind enough to post a brief comment on my review.
The comments section of his final blog post has turned into a memorial wall as paddlers from around the world remember Eric. His death is a huge loss and another tough blow to the kayaking community this week.

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