Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sea Monsters

There ARE sea monsters. They prowl Cadboro Bay and the surrounding shores. They've even been spotted in lakes.
They're obnoxious humans. Don't be a sea monster! If your activities at the beach involve emitting loud noise or noxious fumes, think about the others who will be affected. What you consider enjoyable music might be loud noise to someone else. That little bit of exhaust from your boat's engine will fill the hollow of a lake surrounded by trees, or a bay surrounded by headlands. And the others being affected are not only humans.
Take some time this summer to be confident that you are indeed not being a sea monster. Be kind to our visiting gray whale, for example. Pick up your litter. And for cryin' out loud, wear a PFD or life jacket when in any kind of boat! Kids are watching you. Be a good example. There've been more than six drowning deaths in BC during the last eight days alone. Most drowned people had their accidents within a few feet of shore or a dock. Wearing a life jacket, even a secondhand cheap old one, is an effort in the right direction.

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