Sunday, July 04, 2010

Planning Ahead for October Apple Festival

We had heaps of fun last October at the Apple Festival on Salt Spring.
Let's look into catching the 9am ferry to Fulford Harbour, Salt Spring Island for the Apple Festival on October 3rd!

You can read about the Apple Festival at Harry Burton's website, or the website for the Salt Spring Market.

We can check out some of the apple farms like last year, and bring our kayaks for some paddling. If the weather's good we might launch at the steep little bay near Long Harbour, or at Ganges Harbour, or in Fulford Harbour. Even if no one else paddles, I'll bring my little inflatable to noodle around on some of the lakes.

As we learned last year, bring a picnic or bag lunch or else you'll end up having to buy some expensive but tasty local treats!

It's possible to do this trip without taking a car, by taking the #70, 72 or 73 bus from downtown to Swartz Bay ferry terminal. You could bring a bike on the bus and ferry, or walk to at least one or two of the apple farms and the Fulford Hall. But people bringing kayaks or planning to tour the island would want to bring their cars, so carpooling looks like a good idea. Post a comment here and we'll see how well we can plan for carpooling.

Ferries leave Swartz Bay to go to Fulford at 9:00 and 11:00 am, and they leave Fulford to return to Swartz Bay at 3:50, 5:50 and 7:50 pm. Camping and B&Bs are an option if anyone wants to head over on Saturday and come back on Sunday... ooo, camping in October... pretty scary, eh?

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