Saturday, July 10, 2010

Not Looking For Whales This Time

Friday was a paddling day with company this time. Marlene and her daughter Pebbles joined me for a morning paddle in Cadboro Bay. Pebbles carried down the Dragonfly and handled it very well by herself on the water. The StraitEdge2 got carried down to the beach by Bernie and me. Marlene settled herelf in the front and I sat in back as the engine.
It was already hot by 10:00 am, and an hour and a half on the water had us dazzled by bright sunlight. We kept a sharp eye out for that gray whale that people have been seeing near various points around Victoria, but it seems to have moved on from this part of the shore.
Instead, there were several herons, and various other birds to enjoy. It also seemed to be a good day to see jellyfish -- we saw big ones like poached eggs, and clear moon jellies from saucer-size down to thumbnail size. There was also a new colour of jellyfish to be found this time: pink! Yup, pale pink jelly all over and four pink circle details where a moon jelly has four white circles. There are some photos I found online of some jellies much like what we saw, but ours were each swimming alone.
And several little fishes popped up to the surface and jumped as we went past. Low tide is a good time to see several things that hide at high tide.
We went out between Flower Island and Evans Rock, turned and came back.
It was Pebbles who caught sight of a mother otter and her baby on Flower Island. They were climbing up across the rocks. Wonderful!

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