Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Canada Day Almost Paddle

Happy 143rd Birthday to us!

I'd forgotten that having new kittens was pretty much the same as having a new baby, with the possible exception of the epidural. And at 1:30 this morning as one of the kittens decided to use my dangling arm as a way to climb up on to the bed as I slept, I was reminded of the the time that I slashed my arm with rusty razor blades. Actually, I've never done that, but I imagine the results would look very much the same. Anyway, the point is that lack of sleep has been a regular feature around the house these past few days since the kittens arrived, and the rain this morning gave us the perfect excuse to cancel paddling plans and attempt to catch up on lost sleep.
Later in the morning, Paula dropped by and joined Louise and I, dressed in our finest Canada Day hats, to walk along Gorge Road for the annual Canada Day Gorge Road Block Party.

Some people were braver than us and hit the water...
...and others are always out on the water come rain or shine.

And finally, some gratuitous kitten shots:

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  1. Those kittens are so dang cute! Oh ya, sorry about your arm ;-)