Wednesday, September 02, 2009

SISKA news -- a stolen kayak

Just got this news e-mailed to me from the South Island Sea Kayak Association:

Stolen Kayak
A fellow paddler’s kayak was removed from a locked area at the RV Yacht Club a few weeks ago. The kayak is a Pisces, with a red deck and an ivory hull. It has (or had) a Yacht Club decal just behind the toggle and cord for raising the rudder. One distinguishing feature is the two small cleats on the foredeck midway between the bow and the forward hatch which were for a sail.
If you have seen an ad for a Pisces, or see the boat, please contact

This is a reminder to all of us: make note of your boat's registration number and identifying marks or qualities. Most kayaks have a registration number marked on them by the manufacturer. You can register with most manufacturers as the owner of the boat with that number -- check the company's website. Often but not always, if you buy your kayak from a canoe/kayak store, the store records will automatically register you with the manufacturer as the owner. Find out!
And make sure to write that unique registration number, details of your boat's colour and other identifying qualities, all on two nice little notes. One note goes at home with your gear. The other goes to the phone book of the person who is your ground crew -- the one who would be calling the Coast Guard if you didn't turn up after a paddle outing.

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  1. my registration number is logged on my home insurance policy along with John's and a description of my boat.