Monday, September 28, 2009

The Gorge Redux

Another sunny Sunday, another paddle in The Gorge. With no solution to the dead van problem, we are still limited to the home waters of The Gorge. Paula joined Louise and I for another paddle yesterday morning under clear warm skies.
2009-09-27 The Gorge Pano

We headed down to the narrows at Tillicum Bridge and paddled through. There was just a small current flooding current, and not the often seen roaring rapids.
2009-09-27 The Gorge 043

We weren't the only paddlers out. This outrigger canoe passed us a few times, and we saw other kayakers enjoying this gorgeous Autumn weekend. There won't be many more weekends like this so we better enjoy them when they happen.
2009-09-27 The Gorge 048

There were lots of geese out yesterday. I'm guessing that a lot were passing through on their way south, although there is a sizable number who live here all year.
2009-09-27 The Gorge 024
2009-09-27 The Gorge 049

And later, we caught up with the local swan family. We were a little concerned as we saw the parents and only two of the (now very large) baby swans. We'd seen all five swans last weekend, so we eared that something might have happened to the other baby swan.
2009-09-27 The Gorge 021
But a few minutes later we found the final baby feeding on his own. It looks like he's all grown up now and has moved out of his parents' basement.
2009-09-27 The Gorge 037

2009-09-27 The Gorge
Trip Length: 8.91 km
YTD: 320.14
More pictures are here.
The Google Earth kmz is here.

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