Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Marina Battle Continues

The battle against the proposed mega-yacht marina in Victoria's Inner Harbour continued last night with a public information meeting attended by all three levels of government.
Or that was the plan, anyway, but the City of Victoria backed out at the last minute, leaving only provincial and federal representatives in attendance, as well as the plan's backers and an audience numbering about 350.
Despite not officially attending, Mayor Dean Fortin finally spoke publicly on the matter earlier in the day, telling an interviewer, ""What is being proposed is beyond what's been envisioned, in both scope and scale."
In another development, the South Island Sea Kayakers Association (SISKA) has presented a legal brief opposing the plans to Federal Minister John Baird. SISKA wants a public hearing on the proposal. Dorothea Hoffman, SISKA's treasurer said, "Safety issues, public access to these navigable waters by non-powered vessels and the lack of proper public consultation process are the underlying issues that the independent review panel would be asked to consider, and it's the only vehicle which would provide for full public participation and full disclosure of the potential impact of the proposed marina."
The project must approved by two federal departments and a provincial department before the developers can apply to the City of Victoria for a permit to build the project.
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