Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ocean River Gear Grab

Today was Ocean River's annual Fall Sale, a sure sign that the seasons are changing. (Another sign was the winds that blew in during the afternoon.)
Richard was either sad or still asleep:
2009-09-19 Ocean River Sale 001
Louise was annoyed that I was taking her picture:
2009-09-19 Ocean River Sale 002
Bernie was Bernie:
2009-09-19 Ocean River Sale 004
and Paula was performing mime, likely a portrayal of the various ways she plans to kill me if I ever post this picture on the blog.
2009-09-19 Ocean River Sale 005
I, of course, was much too photogenic to even bother with taking a picture of myself. It's a curse.

Under the tent we went for bargains and I was seconds away from snagging a used Werner Kalliste paddle, but a man (whose real is unknown but will be forever referred to as "Some Bastard") got to it seconds before I did.
2009-09-19 Ocean River Sale 007

Richard gave a good grope to the new Tahe Marine Greenland boat that's getting rave reviews. We both agreed that it's a fine looking looking boat and that after radical hip reduction surgery and maybe a leg amputation, we might actually be able to get inside one of them.
2009-09-19 Ocean River Sale 012

We escaped mostly intact. Louise picked up an Icebreaker top. Richard picked up a pair of gloves to replace a pair he lost surfing, but there were rumours that he was going back in to buy more clothes. Paula chatted up the folks from Wavelength Magazine and Bernie went next door to have a coffee. The one-piece fleece I had been watching for the last couple of weeks that I had wanted to pick up for under my drysuit wasn't there today. Some Bastard must have grabbed it.
Now to start saving pennies for next spring's sale!

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