Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why I'm Not On Darcy...

Mostly because, contrary to popular opinion, I'm not an idiot.

This is what the beach looked like halfway out of the bay a little after 3:00pm. Looks kinda foggy, doesn't it? Looking the other way--out towards Baynes Channel and Haro Strait, there's Paula headed out into a wall of fog.

After we rounded the point by Flower Island, things got worse.

And worse.

Visibility was pretty bad--we couldn't see Jemmy Jones from Flower, for example--so I decided that Darcy wasn't in the cards today. It had been sunny and clear when I carried the boat to the beach, and fogged in by the time I got three days of gear loaded. It didn't clear until we got back to the beach [Hey, Frankie! Hi, Annette!]. The weather had made it clear; no trips today.
On the plus side, we did see this heron at the rock garden!

yeah, he's there. That stick with the spot of colour at the top. That's a heron, trust me....

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  1. This outing was a classic example of Responsive Weather.
    Everytime we had a thought about the weather, it responded. "Gee, it's sunny and bright" meant that in moments, a fogbank rolled in. "Ooh, it's getting pretty thick" found us two minutes later in a bubble of clear air surrounded by walls of fog. "Looks like it's burning off" was met with... well, you can figure it out.

  2. Nice photos! And no you're no an idiot, more extreme adventure guy!