Thursday, September 06, 2007

Belated posting and pics

Just a couple of pictures from earlier this year when Paula and I went down the Sooke River--while there was still water in it.

Sooke River is very clear and pretty cold in the spring. And there are some very nasty bits on it. But this isn't one of those places. Paula took her Dragonfly while I paddled the Pamlico 100, figuring to use boats that were more or less expendable--or repairable.

We hadn't done any river kayaking before, so thought it a good idea to take it easy. We didn't run the length of the river, just a short section. And that we ran several times.

I think you can see why--man, this is fun! And yes, even Paula thought it was fun, not just me.

Definitely inside our comfort zone. This was high-speed rush fun, and definitely on our list of things to do again.

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