Monday, September 24, 2007

Hope Springs Eternal in the Human Breast

As Bernie and I were headed up the Island Highway, we passed a young guy walking along the shoulder. With one hand he was pulling along an orange kayak that looked like a good one for playing in the surf, on a set of wheels, with a bag of gear in the cockpit. In the other hand, he held up a piece of cardboard with the word "Tofino" written in large, friendly letters.
Now that's an optimist.
I would bet just about anything he got his ride before many minutes passed.
Heck, if we'd had enough room under the truck's canopy for his boat (there's a loom and a CPU in the back of the truck, don't ask why) we'd have taken him to Tofino. We had our kayaks strapped to the roof, and our gear loaded. Who needs more luggage than a drybag, really? This guy didn't.
I have so much to learn.

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