Saturday, September 08, 2007

Broken Islands 2007, the trailer

While I sort out my photographs and notes (though not nearly as many as I thought I'd have, but I had hands to the paddle much of the time we were out) ...

Humpback whale, offshore from the campsite. The only day we did not see at least one humpback was the the Friday. Two days running, they came past the campsite first thing in the morning. The third day, we saw five.

Panorama view from the campsite, early Tuesday evening. On the left you see Marchant Island and with one or two of the Tiny Group Islands, then Brabant Island(s). In the distance are the Stopper Islands. On the right are Jarvis and Jacques. Behind everything is the Mainland. We paddled in from Toquart Bay, beyond the Stopper Islands, and then down the shores to Jarvis and Jaques, to the Batstar campsite on Keith Island, which we occupied by special arrangement - Keith is native reserve land, and the beach a midden beach with a canoe channel.

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