Thursday, April 13, 2006

Simpson in my Dreams

Last night John & I watched the Simpsons, some American Idol in the hopes Queen would show up, a performance kayaking DVD and then more Simpsons. The last episode we watched has a scene of Bart diving and he passes....a skeleton in a kayak of all things. It was pretty much bedtime after this episode so we hit the sack and went off to dream land. Most dreams are the subconsious putting the day's events into your inner filing system and so every once in a while my dreams tend to be the day's events rolled into one. And on top of all the other things my brain had absorbed I had kayaks threaded throughout my day. Earlier I had gone kayaking with Bernie, Paula, Dennis and John. Later in the day I googled delta kayaks, Current Design, wetsuits and life vests. To dream land I went with all this to be sorted and filed.....

Take the kayaking DVD, take the part with the whitewater....(John & Bernie have both seen this DVD and own it) and now imagine the Simpsons replacing the humans. Yes, there's Homer going down the whitewater...D'oh D'oh D'oh! There is Marg and Homer with Bart scouting out the river ahead. Marg saying "I don't know Homie it looks dangerous." There is Homer drooling....Eskimo rollllll.....achghhhhhh.... Marg in her helmut and sporty river kayak showing us how to stop in the river. Lisa and Bart twisting and turning down the whitewater.

Marg in a double with Homer and Maggie peeking out of a hatch as they paddle along the ocean. Homer doing Eskimo rolls and trying to get back into his kayak..."Marg Marg I'm wet and cold and I can't get back into my kayak... can I have yours?"

Now ask John or Bernie for the DVD, watch some Simpsons (make sure to see the one I did) and then go to sleep and dream your own Simpsons version.

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