Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Busy week

Managed to get on the water four times in the last week; Telegraph cove last Wednesday, and then Friday some friends showed up from Calgary; Tom and Barbara. Tom is a long time paddler, so it seemed natural to head out on the Gorge with them to spend a beautiful afternoon.

We shared the water with sculling teams out practicing--the water around Victoria is really very busy, and busy pretty much every day of the week. The Inner Harbour has a couple of airlines, a ferry, the water taxis, and of course boats of various sizes.

We made it as far inland as the Tillicum Gorge bridge and then back to the Inner Harbour.
Kayakers are so well-respected in the Inner Harbour that they stopped traffic on Johnson St. nad raised the bridge to let Tom and Barb paddle through.
Oh, and some other people took advantage of the bridge being up as well.
Sunday was the Tod Inlet paddle with the regular paddle group and the addition of our two kids. Ben, the mountain man below, seemed to really enjoy himself--after getting over me insisting on activity-appropriate clothing.
My photo of the starfish from a $20 underwater camera. John's image , well....let's just say his camera wasn't $20.
Speaking of John--a rare shot of John not taken by him.
And I swear, I was just paddling along when it leapt up on the boat!
Tuesday turned out to not only be a nice day, but an extraordinary one! Beautiful beautiful day. And Sidney was gorgeous.

And of course, the obligatory John-shot. Oh wait, that's not John, that's me. Damned virus is spreading....
Dennis played in the currents between the rocks, riding it out into the channel.
The rocks were really something to see--worn by time and the sea.
And the weather held through the whole paddle--as you can see. A great week.

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