Sunday, April 09, 2006

Cadboro Bay: Episode I: The Phantom Hedgehog

Today's plan was originally a trip to Sombrio Beach. But Dennis had a sore shoulder, Paula was feeling sick, and Alison had the wimpiest excuse of all: out of town on business.
Ha. Sure. Whatever!
So Sombrio was abandoned for another day when a fuller crew would be available and a hasty small excursion to Cadboro Bay was undertaken. We set out under cloudy skies and light rain. But after a few minutes, the clouds didn't break and the sun didn't come out and the rain didn't stop and it didn't turn into a bright sunny day.

We saw a few seals, an eagle and some big bird that might have been a hawk. But it was the geese that were everywhere this trip. They were sitting in small groups all over the rocks.

We paddled around the shore, through little passages and around big rocks.

Bernie got lost for a moment and almost headed to Japan.

Louise didn't venture quite as far.

And I took a picture of myself.

Indiana Klassen and the Coffee of Doom.

My pictures are here.

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