Saturday, August 08, 2015

Kayakers Save Eagle

We've covered previous stories of animals hitching rides with kayakers. Usually, it's a small seal trying to hitch a ride, but sometimes it might be a video of a dog or cat riding a kayak. Yes, we've posted cat videos. And occasionally we find a story about a bird needing a ride, as when a kayaker gave a drowning owl a ride.
North Island Kayak recently posted this picture to their Facebook page of an even more incredible bird encounter, as two guides found a soggy young eagle in Johnstone Strait. According to their post:
"We knew it wasn't going to make it as it was just dogged, and was shaking like mad. On paddling closer it immediately started to make its way towards my kayak and tried to get on the bow but it couldn't make it. We figured the stern of the Wes' would be easier, with a little paddle help he made it up on deck. We paddled to the shore and with twenty eagles watching delivered him to dry land."
Wow -- what an amazing encounter!

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  1. How cute, saving a eagle... read stories of baby bear getting saved earlier, its nice helping other creatures when they need it...what a experience it would have been paddling a eagle to shore!!