Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Amy Schumer goes SUP!

Okay, now it's official that comedian Amy Schumer is the happening thing -- because she's gone stand-up paddleboarding with her girlfriends. In an interview Monday night on the Daily Show, she told host Jon Oliver about having a marvelous holiday with her circle of friends. And Jennifer Lawrence came along for the day they went jet-skiing and had all kinds of fun.
As the saying goes, Pics or it didn't happen. Here's a photo that Schumer put up on Instagram and Twitter:

You can see many more images from that holiday if you google "Amy Schumer" and paddleboard. The page also comes up with images from her press conference with relative Senator Chuck Schumer in which they both speak in favour of gun control legislation in the wake of a cinema shooting at a showing of her film Trainwreck.

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