Saturday, April 11, 2015

Save Like Spring. Feel Like Winter.

Untitled_Panorama2Louise and I headed down to Ocean River this morning to check out their annual spring gear-up sale. There were a few changes this year as this sale was billed as the Spring Splash rather than the Gear-Up Sale, and the boats and reps were set-up in Ocean River's dock area, rather than the parking lot across the street. I gather the idea was to get more boats closer to the water to encourage demos and such, but it came at the cost of the very visible parking lot sale which I'm sure must have brought in a lot of walk-by traffic. The crowds certainly seemed down. Of course, the weather wasn't cooperating either, as a light drizzle was coming down and wind gusts were causing havoc with both the tents and kayak stands. It felt more like February than April.
We checked out the boats, briefly examining the recent models from Delta kayaks. I really like the new Delta 17 (second from the bottom) in that great new orange colour. Maybe when I win the lottery.

Feeling the wind, we ducked into the Kayak Distribution trailer with Mark Hall. We had a pleasant chat catching up, and Mark sold me another three kayaks as long as my lottery ticket won. And since I'm showing you pictures of someone's trailer and not my new kayaks, you can guess how well that lottery ticket plan worked out today.

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