Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Another of our ground crew

We must be doing something right, since our paddling group hasn't lost a member yet on the water. But today another member of our ground crew has passed away.
Kathy loved to hear of our kayaking fun, and was a valued ground crew member, ready in case we sent a SPOT message asking to be picked up at some out-of-the way beach. She told paddling stories of her own about the time she won a kayaking trip in Desolation Sound. It was her plan to write a guest post here on Kayak Yak about that trip, telling a new paddler's experience crossing ocean currents and arriving tired at the beach. She was hoping to join us on the water this summer, perhaps riding in the front of our inflatable double that makes for a smooth ride. This morning she joined  other members of our ground crew in beloved memory.

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  1. Kathy always brought life and sunshine wherever she went, and she will continue to do so to our memories.