Saturday, July 12, 2014

Another Paddlefest Visit

While I had hoped to see Louise and John at Willows Beach this morning, a last-minute cancelling of my house-sitting this summer got me running around first, and then bussing to the beach about an hour later than expected. Though I didn't run into John and Louise at MEC's Paddlefest on Willows Beach, there were plenty of other paddlers... about 3/4 of the local paddlers, or just about anybody who wasn't OUT AMONG THE ISLANDS on this bright day.

What a great day! John's photos are great for showing the boats on the beach... but even his shot of the carbon Eliza in black and wood grain doesn't do that kayak justice. That boat had my vote for "Most Beautiful Kayak of the Day" -- and that's with a hand-built wooden kayak on display with gorgeous padeuk inlays.

I tried out inflatable stand-up paddleboards today, from Red Paddle Co, but didn't do the standing part. Kneeling works well too, for those of us with balance issues, eh? The model I liked best among those showed to me by two young demonstrators from New Zealand was their 12'6" Explorer... very stable. It's a little heavy for me, so I'm hoping with practise that a 10 foot Surfer model might be suitable. Still have to try the SUPs from Advanced Elements.

Good to see Brian Henry of Ocean River on the beach, and Sterling Kayaks, and the SISKA table. And a nice chat with the Blackline Marine people, who do such good repairs. And back to the bus stop, to wait only moments before the bus came. Not a bad day at all!

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