Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Quickie on The Gorge

Although it was a warm and mostly sunny morning, the currents in our favourite local paddle spots didn't look like they were going to cooperate today, and the weather forecast changed overnight to include some offshore breezes, so Louise and I opted for a quick paddle in our home waters, The Gorge. We rolled the kayaks down the hill, and hit the water early.
2011-07-31 The Gorge_0104 copy

We crossed to check out a piece of sculpture on a dock that we call The Iron Man, although we're starting to think that its first name might be Rusty. As we paddled up, we could see that it had attracted the attention of a heron as well.
2011-07-31 The Gorge_0148 copy
After a few moments the heron wandered off, apparently not impressed with The Iron Man. Everyone's a critic.
2011-07-31 The Gorge_0160 copy

A few minutes later, we spotted a raccoon along the shore.
2011-07-31 The Gorge_0172 copy
Raccoons are famous for their cleaning habits, spending hours a day cleaning themselves and their food, and this one was no exception. He was definitely cleaning then taking a bite out of something he had in the water. I never could make out what it was, although I think it may have a clam or an oyster.
2011-07-31 The Gorge_0180 copy
Obviously, it was Raccoon Week around here, as three baby raccoons had visited our yard earlier in the week.

Next up, we saw a dogfish.
2011-07-31 The Gorge_0112 copy
Sorry. I just couldn't resist that one.
Actually, he was a friendly dog who was very curious about us to the point that he nearly started swimming after us. I don't know how we would have explained that to its owner.

As we rounded the point into Portage Inlet, we realized that the low tide was just a little too low and we wouldn't be able to get all the down before we'd get stuck in the mud and silt. With the tide still on the ebb, the water was going to get shallower still, and we wouldn't get a chance to do a lot of exploring today.
2011-07-31 The Gorge_0116

The breeze was picking up a bit, and behind us we saw a front rolling by. We didn't see a whole lot of birds today, and that's generally meant a change in the weather around here.
2011-07-31 The Gorge_0108
The clouds took interesting shapes and patterns today.
2011-07-31 The Gorge_0191

We spotted an eagle, but he took off quickly. There just wasn't much around here to eat today...
2011-07-31 The Gorge_0193 copy
...although this heron was willing to try his luck at some fishing.
2011-07-31 The Gorge_0212 copy

Then we headed for home.
2011-07-31 The Gorge_0114

Trip Length: 7.88 km
YTD: 161.85 km
More pictures are here.
2011-07-31 The Gorge

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