Monday, July 25, 2011

Litter Story

This summer, Ben is off on another road trip. Ben is my and Bernie's son, and you can see him in photos Bernie took back in 2006! The trip is on a bike Ben assembled out of various parts. He and his buddy J.P. are en route from Edmonton to somewhere in the Okanagan where they can pick fruit. Last summer, they picked fruit at a rate that astounded farmers and earned them a list of phone numbers and addresses of farmers eager to hire them again.
But they're not yet in fruit country. You can read about their travels at their website, with the stories about bike repairs and the barb-wire fences and various animals and rainstorms along the way. Today Ben's new post included among many details the following story, about camping out and waking up near a lake, and tidying up someone else's litter. He wrote:
The day following was clear and warm, resulting in the decision to go swimming and get to watch a pair of yuppies knot their booze up in a plastic bag and drop in overboard into the lake. Of course a single can or bottle floats, but the weight of a bundle sank it to the bottom resulting in cursing and motoring off in a huff. The two of them had probably had enough anyway as they were stumbling around onboard and didn’t seem to notice the water was only 8 feet deep. Of course this litter was recovered easily and disposed of in the most appropriate manner, with sandwiches.

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