Sunday, July 17, 2011


So apparently oppressive heat is blanketing the much of the country this weekend. Sure, whatever. Here on the we(s)t coast, The Summer That Never Arrived continues to, well, not arrive. Louise and I had the last week off and we were presented with cool, cloudy days, topped with showers and breezes. Of course -- we were on vacation!
So given the iffy weather we planned a little home reno job for Sunday instead of kayaking, and naturally Sunday turned into one of the better kayaking days of the week. Cloudy but 19 degrees, calm winds, and the forecast rain held off. At least our luck is consistent.
So with the help of Paula and Bernie, we ripped off the old living room carpet....
...and found this.
We knew the original hardwood flooring was under there, we just had no idea that it was in such good shape. And look at that dark oak inlay -- awesome!
A few hours later, the living room looked this, only not quite so blurry and out of focus.
The foreman was very pleased with the result.

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