Friday, April 15, 2011

Osprey WebCam in Scotland

Anyone who has found the current crop of web cams in raptors' nests has a wonderful assortment of websites to cruise. Here's a link to another web cam -- this one is in an osprey nest near a Scottish loch.

Okay, it's not a kayaking site. But around here, we enjoy seeing the birds when we're out in our kayaks. John has many photos of bald eagles, and Rich has at least one of a golden eagle. I'm sure there's been an osprey or two among all the birds we thought were eagles.

The ospreys in Britain, on the other hand, are rare and endangered. That's why the one in the web cam nest is being celebrated. There's a great article on The Guardian's website, describing the birdwatchers' joy at seeing her return to her nest this spring. She's 26 years old, and that's old for a species that averages about 8 to 10 years in the wild. She has produced 48 offspring.

I simply have to copy a photo here, from the Guardian website.

Impressed? She just laid her 59th egg. Staff at the Scottish Wildlife Trust are guarding her nest carefully.

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