Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Wet Day

The soggy days of Fall have arrived a few weeks early. Often September here can be warm and sunny but so far this year the nickname of The We(s)t Coast is totally apropos.
The rains came in early last evening and scuttled our paddling plans for the day, forcing us to move to Plan B, an early morning gathering for caffeine and baked goods. But Alison, on the last days of her visit to the island, didn't get the memo and strapped her kayak on the her car and headed to the launch point. When no one else showed up, she drove to the local coffee shop and there we were!
So after an hour or so spent curing most of society's ills, and [WARNING: GRATUITOUS BOOK PLUG AHEAD] after Alison signed a copy of her latest novel for Louise....
...Paula volunteered to paddle in the rain with Alison. So they headed to the beach...
...while the rest of us weather-wimps went to nearby Mystic Pond and looked at the ducks.

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  1. We had a fun but wet day cleaning up the beach at Sidney spit..