Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's Raining Again

We kept a wary eye on the weather during the last week as the forecast outlook for our usual Sunday morning paddle was dubious at best. September is often sunny and warm in these parts, but as as the last few days of summer 2010 wind down, misty gloom and rain has been the order of the day. This morning was no exception, but instead of just the expected rain, we woke to fog and thunderstorms. Thunderstorms are a real rarity here, and today's thunderclaps brought with them squalls of torrential rain unlike any we have seen here in a while.
We went down to Cadboro Bay, our semi-regular launch spot, not to hit the water, but to pick up Paula for a coffee. That's when the floodgates opened and the water hit us! I've never heard rain so loud before. I was soaked in seconds while thunder boomed overhead. What a way to find that my supposed waterproof jacket isn't.
In the end, we probably should have stayed in like these two.


  1. We had a rain free paddle day around James today... It was puring when we left Caddy bay at 9 AM though!

  2. Console yourself with this, which I found on the Environment Canada website: Weather Winners, the statistics for Victoria:

    Bottom of the list for coldest winter, top of the list for lowest snowfall, and almost at the bottom (98/100) for thunderstorms. Admittedly as far as sunniest winter goes, Victoria's pretty far down: 79/100, and it places higher for most cloudy skies than most clear. Then again, for most clear skies in summer, it's #3, as well as for lightest wind.

  3. Okay, Alison, I'm partially consoled. I wish we did have more thunderstorms...just not on kayaking days! :)