Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kayak Balance Stool

Find yourself sitting at home wishing you were in your kayak in the waves? This might be the next best thing -- all you need is someone to stand nearby and throw the occasional bucket of salty water in your face!
It's a home-built kayak balacing stool (spotted on boing-boing, but it originates at Homegrown Evolution.) The author decided to build his own gym equipment after he took a few kayaking lessons which "showcased my inflexible hamstrings," and he hopes that a few minutes a day will increase his flexibilty beyond that of "a ginger-bread man." Easy to make, the blog entry includes easy to follow instructions (basically, nail three pieces of wood together), and sarcastic comments from his wife.
He's not the first person to think of this, of course. Here's another example from the website of the guy who was recently attacked in his kayak by a great white shark. And while we're on the topic of sharks, here's an article recounting that attck and another recent shark attack on a kayaker, and what can you do if a great white attacks you. (The short version? Nothing will help you. The shark will decide all by itself if it's going to eat you, and there's not much you can do to change its mind.)

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