Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Joe's Still Go For Vancouver Island Circumnavigation Speed Record

Joe O'Blenis's quest to recapture the Vancouver Island Circumnavigation Speed Record continues to be on pace, despite the fact he lost a lot of time in Tofino yesterday. First, his Tofino food drop never materialized, so he had to do some shopping to stock up for the last leg. And 20 minutes after he paddled out of town, he realized that he had no skeg. Joe reported on his website that a "[s]mall thing (one tiny screw) failed. Result afterwards was a small piece protruding out from the hull that, when impacting something under the surface, sheared a second screw off, allowing the assemble to work free and come apart. Bad result but likely a very rare, isolated thing. No worries at all, the new kayak arrived hours later and I'll continue on in the morning with only a loss about 6 hours paddling today. Still time enough to make that up. :) "
He's hoping to complete his circumnavigation sometime on Saturday, but can still break the record of 17 days and change even if he arrives in Nanaimo as late as 1:00 pm local time on Sunday, September 5.

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