Friday, August 06, 2010

And Finally....

Here's a few kayaking stories making the rounds of the Interweb this week.
Last week, two Norwegian kayakers were attacked by a 360 kilo Polar Bear. They where on the north coast of Nordaustlandet on Ekstremhuken when the attack took place at night. The bear pulled one of them from their tent and dragged him down the beach before the other kayaker managed to shoot the bear. They were rescued and the attack victim is reported to be recovering.
Meanwhile, Florida officials were concerned when an unmanned surf ski kayak was found drifting off Key Largo. A little detective work soon revealed that the kayak had made a 960 km trip from the Cayman Islands all by itself in six weeks. A Cayman resident fell off his kayak in June but conditions were rough and he was more worried about getting back to shore than saving his kayak, and the currents eventually took the kayak away, and all the way to Florida. A friend of the owner, who lives in Mauritius off the east coast of Africa, recognized the kayak when pictures were posted online, and soon owner and kayak will be reunited.
And finally, there's this. A kayaker in California has a story to tell as his kayak was bitten by a 5 metre long great white shark earlier this week. The shark grabbed on for few seconds, probably trying to determine if the kayak was edible or not. Deciding the boat was not so tasty after all, the shark let it go, but not before it had scratched and holed the hull. A great blog report with pictures can be found here.

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  1. A lot of bear attacks lately... Poor bears are running out of places without people! They tranked one at the campsite we were at last night when the mom approached a tent, but they tranked the baby - personally I would feel a lot safer if they hadn't stolen the angry bear's child!